Sunday School

Sunday School classes for children and adults are held from 10:00-10:45 am each Sunday.

Adults - The adult class is currently studying from the book Fundamentals - Enduring Convictions of the Restoration, by F. Henry Edwards.

This book provides a study of many of the fundamental beliefs of the Restoration Branches.

**Starting 7/21/19, we'll take a break from the above curriculum to spend some time studying the afterlife. Our focus will be on the multiple glories of heaven as described in Sections 76 & 85 of the Doctrine and Covenants.**

Kid's Church

Youth - The youth class (ages 10-14) will be studying the Living as a Young Man of God curriculum by Ken Rawson this summer.

Any children of any age are welcome, and all effort will be made to accommodate them with a learning opportunity at their level during the Sunday School time.


Primary - The primary class (ages 3-7) are learning about the Superheroes of the Bible.

This class meets every other Sunday during the 11:00 service.